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Shows and Stalls

Hutchin’s stalls back in the 1950s.

There are a number of games operating in the museum building, adding to the atmosphere of the old time fairground.

Beat the Clock is a variation on roll-down tables where players roll ping-pong balls down into numbered slots.

Darts and cans have been around on fairgrounds for many years and the side stalls in the main building are on loan from Sarah and Henry Chipperfield.

The Plate Smasher is a very popular stall, and this one was travelled in the south-west for many years by Chris Davies, while the Coconut sheet or shy is owned by the Rowland family, but travelled in the West Country for many years by Jack Pannell.

The Hook-a-Duck has been a family favourite for several generations now. All the stalls offer traditional style prizes including, of course, coconuts!