Scammell Showtrac: Whiteleggs

Price: £11.95

Product Information

Scammell Showtrac: Whiteleggs “City of Exeter”

Oxford Diecast model no. 76SST003

1/76th Scale model – approx. 6cm long

From the Oxford Diecast series of Showman models comes this Scammell Showtrac, which was the workhorse used by several of the established Showland families and this latest release in the range celebrates its use by the Devon-based firm of T Whitelegg. This replica Scammell Showtrac is decorated in black and red with red wheels and lined out in gold. The name Whiteleggs is printed along both sides and above the cab windscreen, and the name “City of Exeter” on the bonnet sides. The model is finished with some gleaming silver masking, particularly to the front as well as to door handles and wheel inserts.

Diecast model in display box.