Scammell Showtrac: Pat Collins “The Major”

Price: £11.95

Product Information

Scammell Showtrac: Pat Collins “The Major”

Oxford Diecast model no. 76SST002

1/76th Scale model – approx. 6cm long

From the Oxford Diecast series of Showman models comes this Scammell Showtrac decorated in the livery of another famous Showman, Pat Collins Amusements. The model features “The Major” nameplate across the radiator and it comes as a separate part. The Pat Collins red, gold and black livery is beautifully executed, right down to the Scammell and Showtrac badges on the radiator and gold coach lines on the body. Additional masking operations in matt black and silver complete a really solid looking example of a fairground workhorse from the post war years.

Diecast model in display box.