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Edwards’ Skid

The Skid in the 1940s when first acquired by Robert Edwards.

When Edwards’ Super Sonic Skid was first built up here it was found that the floor panels were in need of major refurbishment. So when the Dodgems and Chariot Racer opened to the public, the Skid had to wait its turn.

Hall & Fowle decoration on one of the skid cars

The Skid was another of the fast thrill rides built in the 1930s. This particular example was built by Robert Lakin of Streatham in 1937 for Hill Brothers of Bristol, but it stopped travelling when war broke out in 1939.

Robert Edwards bought the Skid during the Second World War to open at the popular ‘Holiday at Home’ fairs in Swindon. Like the Dodgems and Chariot Racer, the Skid has been rebuilt over the years and had new scenery added in the 1950s, all decorated by Hall & Fowle.

The decoration is bright and colourful, symbols of speed and excitement, it is a good example of the style of fairground decoration from post-war period.

Packed away since the end of the 1970s, a new floor for the ride has been constructed, along with several other major components since arriving at the centre The Supersonic Skid was finally brought back into use during the 2011 season for visitors to enjoy.

The flamboyant decoration on the flights in the roof of the Skid.
Edwards’ Super Sonic Skid.